In a homeopathic consultation, the focus is on the symptoms the patient finds detrimental to their health and sense of well-being.  The homeopath (Raphael) asks questions about the patient’s lifestyle and general state of health. The goal of the consultation is identifying the remedy that most appropriately matches both the particular patient’s symptoms and general state of health.


The initial consultation lasts an hour and a half to two hours. It is followed by a 45 minute to an hour session 4-6 weeks later.

Further intervals between follow-up consultations are chosen between one consultation to the next, as suitable for the patient.


In the follow-up appointment the homeopath assesses any changes in health. Using this information the homeopath draws up a plan for the patient’s ongoing treatment.


Between consultations, the patient is suggested to record any changes observed. This will help the homeopath assess in the next consultation if modifications need to be made to the treatment plan. Patients are encouraged to use email, voicemail or phone conversations to keep the homeopath updated in any case it's needed between consultations. 


Raphael sees clients at Bristol Natural Health Service, If you would like to book a consultation or have questions about the nature of a homeopathic treatment, please contact Raphael on 07766734978. This is a dedicated phone line for the homeopathic practice and voicemail is available out of hours or when Raphael is with patients.